Tuesday, 18 October 2016

International Training of Trainers on Youth and Peace Building.

RGNIYD Regional Centre is conducting a 5 day International Training of Trainer on Youth and Peace Building in collaboration with CYPAN and YFPI to develop the competencies of Youth Ambassadors of Peace to effectively deal with the conflict situation. The training programme started with a traditional welcome and registration of all the delagates from 8 different countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. Mr. Stanzin Dawa, Regional Director, RGNIYD, RC, Chandigarh inaugurated the training programme by highlighting the achievements of young peace builders in their respective countries and nations. He said "The goal of this training programme is to produce a cadre of young people to work for peaceful coexistence and train others to do the same in the community. 
You all have a common vision that is how you can play a significant and effective role in building a peaceful nation." He quoted that young people are not only the future of the world but they are also the present and we should not keep them deprived of their responsibilities and roles. The world has come up with 17 SDG to be achieved by 2030 but the basic requirement to achieve these goals is to create an enabling environment along with peaceful coexistence. We all are here to create that kind of environment in our society, communities, country and globally.
40 Youth Peace Ambassadors from 8 countries have come all the way to participate in the 5-day International Training of Trainers on Youth and Peace Building. All the participants have come with diverse experience, knowledge and expertise but with a common vision for world peace by meaningfully engaging as youth peace ambassadors in resolving conflict situation and creating a culture of peace. It will build up a clear body of theory, skills and greater understanding in organising, planning, facilitating, evaluating and follow-up of conflict transformation and peace building workshops, so that by the end of the training the participants will have improved competencies in all the critical areas. This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for young people to learn from Youth Peace Ambassadors from different countries and replicate the innovative and successful models in their communities and countries in creating a sustainable culture of peace.
The workshop is being facilitated by Mr. Ajatshatru, Certified Trainer, Play for Peace, Ms. Abha Jeurkar, Certified Trainer, Play for Peace and Ms. Mansi Panjwani, Consultant for Peace Education, New Delhi.

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